Glacierland RC&D is incorporated and classified as a 501(c) 3, nonprofit, tax exempt organization. Our primary geographical area serves Eastern Wisconsin.


Our goals:

  • Assure the quality of the natural resource base for future generations.

  • Provide area citizens with an attractive, healthy, and satisfying place to live, work and play.

  • Improve the standard of living and provide adequate incomes for all area residents.

What is the RC&D program?


The RC&D program was established by federal legislation in 1962. This act directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to help units of government conserve and properly utilize all resources in solving local issues. Citizens who are aware of the opportunities first hand provide leadership and work together to set program priorities. A variety of individuals, government agencies, organizations, environmental groups and business institutions provide assistance to these people in accomplishing their program goals.


In 1994, the Glacierland Resource Conservation and Development area was organized to cover the nine counties and Oneida Nation of Northeastern Wisconsin.


In 2011, the federal budget eliminated funding for the RC&D program, but Glacierland RC&D, as well as the RC&D program across the nation, continues on with their mission to improve life for our citizens.



Glacierland RC&D Council is led by an Executive Director. Working together, the Executive Director, staff and the council carry out their mission, goals and objectives. This work includes planning, proposal writing, facilitating, motivating and negotiating.


Mike Hofberger, Vice President, Calumet County

Mike Troge, Secretary/Treasurer, Oneida Tribe of Indians


Partnerships and collaborations are an essential part of how we get things done. We work effectively with individuals and groups in the public and private sectors, finding ways to blend our skills and knowledge to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Glacierland Staff
Kari photo.jpg

Kari Divine

Executive Director

Woman with cow.png

Kirsten Jurcek

Grazing Specialist

(920) 342-9504

Mike Gehl Lg.png

Mike Gehl

Grazing Specialist

(262) 689-6689                    

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Kevin Corbett

Resource Conservationist

(920) 391-4624

Belle Evert GRCD Website Photo.jpg

Belle Evert

Soil Conservationist

Elizabeth Asendorf GRCD Website Photo.jpg

Elizabeth Asendorf

Soil Conservationist


Daniel Blair

Soil Conservationist - Appleton

 920 733-1575 ext.6112



Ryan Jacques

GIS Specialist

(920) 851-4339      

Julie flower editied.jpg

Julie Hager

Grazing Specialist

(920) 360 - 4565 


Jake Divine Photo.jpg

Jake Divine

Invasive Species Coordinator

(906) 284-0533

Abby Adams GRCD Web Photo.jpg

Abigail Adams

 Soil Conservationist

Kayla Wilcox GRCD Website Photo.jpg

Kayla Wilcox

 Soil Conservationist

- Green Bay

(920) 241-5390


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Olivia Hoffman

 Soil Conservationist - Appleton

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Matthew Walsh

 Soil Conservationist - Juneau

(920) 709-3009