Glacierland RC&D works with farmers to promote sustainable practices, including management intensive grazing, soil conservation, and farm business planning.

Our staff can help farmers navigate federal conservation programs and cost-share incentives, along with providing grant-writing services. We also have two full-time soil conservationists on staff, working within local Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) offices.

In partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Glacierland is providing technical assistance to agricultural producers in northeastern Wisconsin. Ryan Jacques and Nick Myers of Glacierland are available at the Green Bay and Manitowoc NRCS Service Centers to help clients assess their needs and assist them in connecting with available financial resources.

Grazing Technical Assistance


Glacierland’s grazing plan writers, Mike Gehl and Kirsten Jurcek have collectively written more than 1,000 grazing plans covering more than 4,000 acres, in addition to providing technical assistance on another 6,000 acres of farmland.  Mike Gehl is an NRCS Certified Technical Service Provider.


Mike and Kirsten work with individual farmers and farm families to convert agricultural row crop land into functional and restorative pasture systems, as well as working with existing graziers to enhance their pasture management.  During on farm consultations they discuss:  overall farm goals; budgets; time frames and available human & farm resources and provide workable, economical solutions tailored to the specific farm needs.

Mike and Kirsten advise on topics essential to insuring that the producers are properly implementing managed grazing so that they can become financially viable, conservation-minded grazing farmers. Topics include:

  • Pasture establishment                  

  • Seeding recommendations

  • Pasture stocking rates

  • Pasture layout and design

  • Paddock layout within pastures

  • Watering systems

  • Sacrifice areas

  • Overall livestock care, nutrition and handling

Grazing Education & Outreach


Glacierland’s Grazing Educators work collaboratively with farmers, agency staff, researchers, educational institutions, conservation groups and consumers to enhance and increase restorative agriculture.  Educational activities include:  Farmer-led round table discussions to determine local educational needs and encourage networking and mentoring between local graziers; workshops to bring the latest grazing technologies and research data to local farmers and agency staff through both regional and national experts and on farm pasture walks tailored to various graziers’ experience levels and to the general public.  We have a long history of success with grazing.


Currently, Glacierland’s Kirsten Jurcek is partnering with Grassworks to work with grazing coordinators and farmers across the state to educate agency staff on operational details of managed grazing and on developing grazing initiatives.

Glacierland and the Wisconsin Farmers Union are conducting pasture walks throughout eastern Wisconsin to support grazing on mid-sized farms. Pasture walks provide an opportunity for producers to see successful grazing practices in action and provide them access to experts and networking opportunities.

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