Healthy forests are part of what makes Wisconsin a great place to live, work, and play.  A well-managed forest can provide a diverse habitat to wildlife and scenic beauty for recreation, while offering economic benefits.

At Glacierland RC&D, we promote sustainable forest practices through partnerships, education about good forest management practices, support for tree planting, and by providing the tools necessary for private landowners to sustainably manage their forested land.

Wisconsin Woodland Owners Conference 


Glacierland hosts the annual Northeast Wisconsin Woodland Owner’s Conference to provide information on multiple-use forest management to woodland owners. The conference draws over 100 participants each year.  Woodland owners gather to learn about current regulatory and forest health issues as well as multiple-use management strategies.

Urban Wood Network

Glacierland recently completed a multi-state urban forestry project funded by the USDA Forest Service. The regional organization, the Urban Wood Network, was initiated through this project and is connecting urban wood businesses and advocates from over 20 different states.


Visit to learn more. Glacierland is a member of Wisconsin Urban Wood, the flagship state association of the Urban Wood Network.

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