Glacierland RC&D is a nonprofit, grass-roots organization that is committed to wise use and conservation of our natural resources and human resources. We promote sustainability on all levels – environmental, social and economic. This is accomplished by bringing together various agencies, organizations and people to work on projects addressing issues of sustainability in northeast Wisconsin.


We at Glacierland are working very hard to ensure the long-term well being of our area resources, whether environmental, economic or social. We invite you explore our website and learn about what we are doing to promote a sustainable way of life for our area residents.

What People Say About Us

"The Woodland Owners Conference encouraged me to get more actively involved in managing my woodlands." - Conference attendee.

"Glacierland RC&D has been a valuable partner in Sheboygan County's goal to control and prevent aquatic invasive species.  Without their help, unfortunately, not nearly as much focus would be placed on this issue." - Aaron Brault, Sheboygan County Planning & Conservation Dept.

"Glacierland provides education, information and services on a variety of environmental issues that truly benefit the citizens of our area."  - Kewaunee County resident.


Aquatic Invasive Species & Grazing Webinar Available for Viewing on Demand


Glacierland RC&D released a recording of a webinar about the aquatic invasive species (AIS) control project in Ozaukee county. Ozaukee county landowners and others interested in learning more about the efforts to control non-native Phragmites and Japanese Knotweed are encouraged to view the recording and reach out to the speakers with any questions. You can view the webinar by visiting https://www.glacierlandrcd.org/clean-water.


The webinar demonstrates the AIS mapping data, discusses necessary landowner permissions, and explains the treatment plan.  In addition, participants will learn about Glacierland RC&D and its rotational grazing program.

Townships across the county are partnering with Glacierland Resource Conservation & Development Council (GRC&D), Ozaukee County, Southeastern Invasive Species Consortium, Inc. and Stantec Consulting Services to control one of the most problematic invasive plant species in Ozaukee County. As part of an on-going, collaborative effort to control invasive species, GRC&D has been awarded grant funding from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to conduct mapping and treatment of the highly invasive common reed grass or “invasive Phragmites” across the County. Invasive Phragmites is a perennial wetland grass introduced from Europe that grows rapidly and forms dense stands that will crowd out native vegetation. Invasive Phragmites is also a safety and fire hazard and will rapidly clog drainageways. 

Glacierland and Ozaukee County mapped the occurrence of Phragmites and landowners with identified populations have been notified and asked to participate in the control efforts by allowing GRC&D partners and contractors to perform herbicide treatments to the target populations at no cost to the landowners. Limited resources are available and the properties selected for participation under this project will be based on invasive Phragmites size, distribution and location in the watershed and timely submittal of the required permission form. To view identified locations or report a population, visit: bit.ly/InvasiveWebMap

With grant funding, GRC&D hopes to control populations of Invasive Phragmites for a period of up to two or more years. The private properties selected for participation in this project will have their invasive Phragmites populations thoroughly treated from July to October, with follow-up treatments occurring as necessary the following year as funding allows. Interested landowners are encouraged to complete and return the required permission form as soon as possible.

This webinar discusses the project overview, planning efforts, landowner expectations, project timeline, communication plan and ways you can help with the control efforts. In order to develop a truly collaborative and effective control strategy, this project needs assistance from landowners like you!


If you have Phragmites on your property and would like to participate in this control program you can contact Jake Divine (906) 284-0533, jake.divine@glacierlandrcd.org or Michaela Zuelke (608) 692-3243, michaela.zulke@stantec.com to receive a permission form.

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