Glacierland’s experienced staff and Council has worked on local conversation, social and economic issues for decades. The small size of our organization, along with our broad focus, gives Glacierland the adaptability to best meet individual partner’s needs. Plus, as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization, we can provide services at reasonable and affordable rates.

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Clean Water


Glacierland helps protect our region's water resources through a variety of projects that focus on aquatic invasive species control, as well as reducing soil erosion and groundwater contamination. 


We proudly partner with a variety of public and private groups to ensure water quality.  

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Sustainable Agriculture


From development of managed grazing plans to education and outreach, we're helping beef and dairy farmers with practices that produce both environmental and economic benefits.

Our work also helps create networking opportunities for landowners to learn from one another. 



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Mulitple-use Forests


A well-managed forest can provide a diverse habitat for wildlife and scenic beauty, as well as producing economic benefits for landowners and forest products for everyone. 


We're actively engaged in several projects designed to make the most of this renewable resource.

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Grant Writing /
Administrative Services


Many small groups lack the experience and knowledge to seek grants for their work or administer their financial affairs. Or they simply want to focus all their efforts on the projects and services they provide, rather than dealing with administrative tasks.


Glacierland provides grant writing and project administration services, as well as fiscal agent services to clients in the region. We are currently serving a handful of carefully selected clients.